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Torpedo Kerosene Heater repair & HOW they work

Fix No Spark was the issue with this Reddy Heat 55

0-15psi GAUGE(needs cheap adapter below):
Adapter to allow gauge to hook to heater:
Install a thermostat to stay comfortable and save fuel:
Keep yourself safe with a carbon monoxide detector:

Test Pump Pressure
Optical sensor
Spark Plug

PROPANE VERSION of these heaters:

Kerosene K1 Diesel Heaters

Ignition Module I used in the video GHP 39E0-0008-00( any 39E0-00**-** will work the same (the length of the leads is the only difference in model numbers)
If you’re replacing a single wire ignitor with one of these 2 spark plug lead wires units; ONE lead will hook to the existing spark plug and the other lead will ground out to the frame or housing that makes electrical contact with the outside(threads) of the spark plug. You can flatten out the end and put a screw in it or something similar. This differs from what I did in the video.

I ask nothing of my viewers but awesome people are constantly asking how they can support the channel:
Purchase any items you were going to purchase on Amazon anyways by first clicking through my affiliate link. Costs you nothing but I get a few cents for referring you to Amazon:
Throw Ginger a new bone:



Über Piercing FragenHilft außergewöhnlich gibt es schon eine halbe Ewigkeit. Schon immer ging es darum, maximal Informationen zu Piercing-Themen bereitzustellen. Wer neu ist: Das heißt Ihr könnt hier Fragen stellen & Antworten erhalten. Anderseits könnt ihr natürlich auch selbst helfen und Fragen beantworten. Beteilige dich, sammel Punkte und vernetze dich in der Community. Du findest hier auch einen Piercing Foto Contest und tägliche frische Videos rund um das Thema Piercing. _YOU are WELCOME & lovley greetings

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