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How To Fix Mech Keyboard Double Typing/Chattering!

So did you just buy a $200 dollar mechanical keyboard and now it’s having issues that you were not expecting because you heard that mechanical keyboard last a really long time? But don’t worry because there is an easy fix for that

Buy 99% Isopropyl Alcohol:
Amazon India:
Amazon US:

Check out HyperX Keyboard:

Full Review:

So the issue that I have with this keyboard, is that it often types W twice when I only press that key once, so as you can see, I am typing W twice on every line before pressing enter, and it types it 3 or 4 times in many lines, and this can just make your keyboard unusable, and it’s something that you may not be able to solve with software.

So the only thing you need is very strong alcohol, like 99% isopropyl alcohol, this should be easily available at most places, and it’s important to use high concentration so it won’t leave anything behind when it evaporates

So the next step is to just unplug the keyboard and take out the keycap of the switch that is malfunctioning, and then you just have to pour some alcohol in the switch. Now I have seen people doing this while the keyboard is on, but I just don’t want to take any risks with any impurities getting to the switch while it’s on.

So after you have done that, just put the keycap back on, and start tapping it multiple times quickly, and just keep doing it for a while.
After the keyboard is satisfied with your tapping skills, just lay it down, and let the alcohol dry out. It should take around 15 minutes, but I still waited for an hour, just to be sure about it. You could also try blowing into the switch with compressed air, if just tapping it doesn’t solve this.
So just put the keycaps back on, and now let’s test if it still has this issue.

So as you can see, the key is functioning properly now, and there isn’t any line in which the w key has sent multiple keystrokes.

So it seems that this issue has been fixed, and you can of course do this with multiple keys if you have this issue. Now the reason for this might be some dust particles or other stuff going into the keyswitch, which the alcohol seems to remove. So if this doesn’t solve this, then you have some other issue causing the double typing.

Now, if you use alcohol that has absorbed moisture from air, or has any other impurities, this could damage your keyboard irreversibly, and might void your warranty, I just don’t have a service center in my city, otherwise I might have just claimed the warranty and got it replaced.

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