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Hello everyone. Here is the video of the tattoo making of cherry blossoms. Cherry blossom convey a variety of uplifting messages, including beauty, love, and fresh starts. Many of these subjects have Chinese and Japanese connotations. Tattoos of cherry blossoms frequently represent sensuous freedom or might be applied in memory of a departed loved one.

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We use premium quality Inks from United States – Quantam Inks

The needle and tattoo machine are by Cheyenne Tattoo Equipment.

After care by Dermalize Pro

Book a Free Tattoo Consultation to get your own custom tattoo design.

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Phone: +91 7276936936

Questions about tattoos:
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We specialise in CUSTOM DESIGN TATTOOS with the unique individual touch that customers desire. We improve the client experience and make it memorable and significant. We are thrilled to hear your story and permanently inscribe it on your body.
Traditional – Old School Tattoo Style, Neo Traditional Tattoo Style, Tribal Tattoo, Watercolor Tattoo, Blackwork Tattoo, Realism Tattoo, and Japanese Tattoo Style. Biomechanics and portraiture are our areas of expertise.
All types of body piercing and semi-permanent makeup are performed by us.

Meet us at :
DJ’Z INK Tattoo Studio and Piercing
Brahma Aangan Commercial Complex
NIBM Pune Maharashtra 411048

Über Piercing FragenHilft außergewöhnlich gibt es schon eine halbe Ewigkeit. Schon immer ging es darum, maximal Informationen zu Piercing-Themen bereitzustellen. Wer neu ist: Das heißt Ihr könnt hier Fragen stellen & Antworten erhalten. Anderseits könnt ihr natürlich auch selbst helfen und Fragen beantworten. Beteilige dich, sammel Punkte und vernetze dich in der Community. Du findest hier auch einen Piercing Foto Contest und tägliche frische Videos rund um das Thema Piercing. _YOU are WELCOME & lovley greetings

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