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DJ’Z INK Tattoo Studio and Piercing Studio- Couple Tattoo

Hallo to everybody! Here is a video of a couple, Kaustabh and Pranali, expressing their thoughts and excitement of their upcoming wedding in December. Before the wedding they decided to get tattooed for each other. Here is the story of their INK, the couple’s tattoo which was etched At DJ’Z INK Tattoo and Piercing Studio in NIBM Pune.

They arrived with the intention of tattooing each other’s names on their forearms, although when love must enter a person’s life, it does so with drama and symphony.

We designed their tattoos with the little flair and colors they needed indeed.The future wife got the colourful feather tattoo with the fiancée name on her arm. The lady’s name has been inked on the man’s forearm with an abstract brush stroke wrapped around like an armband

It’s a love formula you’ll need to brew before you get the actual home set, and etching the beloved names or identifying elements on the skin can work wonders as the first milestone placed in the journey of life together…

We use premium quality Inks from United States – Quantam Inks
Needle and tattoo machine are of Cheyenne tattoo equipment

Book a Free Tattoo Consultation to get your own customised tattoo design

Contact us at ,

●Phone: +91 7276936936
● Instagram →

Über Piercing FragenHilft außergewöhnlich gibt es schon eine halbe Ewigkeit. Schon immer ging es darum, maximal Informationen zu Piercing-Themen bereitzustellen. Wer neu ist: Das heißt Ihr könnt hier Fragen stellen & Antworten erhalten. Anderseits könnt ihr natürlich auch selbst helfen und Fragen beantworten. Beteilige dich, sammel Punkte und vernetze dich in der Community. Du findest hier auch einen Piercing Foto Contest und tägliche frische Videos rund um das Thema Piercing. _YOU are WELCOME & lovley greetings

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